Startup for Startup Program (Manufacturing)

What is the program about?

Do you consider purchasing Salesforce? Worried about the installation and configuration cost? Do you have little or no experience with Salesforce yet? Well, here we come for rescue :) We offer the following for startups:

  • Free Consultation; so you are more familiar with the Salesforce platform, its capabilities and how it fits your business.
  • Free Installation; we help with licensing, setting up your environments, access, and core training.
  • Free Initial Setup; to set all the objects, layouts, and processes to reflect your business specification.

All above within a reasonable time and effort frame that we can give for free: we remain humans with natural human limitations, but we are eager to help.

"Startup for Startup" is aimed to help small, aspiring companies to overcome the technological obstacles, and achieve greater value without money involved. At the same time, we want to prove our capabilities and earn good recommendations, which can be a game changer for our consultancy startup visibility and recognition. Today, we have expertise in custom enterprise solutions, but we lack experience in dealing with companies of a smaller size. Since there is a lot we can learn from each other, we believe it can be truly win-win cooperation.

For whom?
- Companies that are yet to purchase a Salesforce product: CRM / Sales / Service / Community / eCommerce / Pardot.
- Companies with 1-20 employees
- Companies with limited or no funding
- Companies that belong to the Manufacturing industry
- Companies located in the EU and the Middle East

How does it work?
There are no strict rules. Just contact us through the sign-up form, LinkedIn or directly. Feel free to give us a brief intro to your company and what you would like to achieve with Salesforce. Next, we will set up a meeting to better understand if and how we can help each other.

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